It’s been a While!

Things have been busy (at work and outside) ever since I got back from my month long visit to Australia ‎in December. Hopefully I will have some time to sit down and write again soon!‎ Let’s hope this email post works!


Solitary Confinement

Was listening to the radio today (CBC One, wiretap) and found out about the crazy British experiment from the 60s ( I think) regarding solitary confinement.

The volunteer went in to a dark room for two days without any contact with the outside world. He has lost his sense of time as soon as he had taken a nap – because he had no idea how long he had slept. Near the end of the experiment he realized the stub on his face reappeared and that gave him reassurance that from a clean shaven face he must be nearly done with the experiment. But the whole ordeal had led to hallucinations and other crazy fears… very interesting and I would recommend a listen to today’s episode from their site!

We walk on two legs, that’s a very special characteristic…

“…we walk on two legs, that’s a very special characteristic…
…but chickens walk on two legs.”

I was having an argument with a friend of mine about how humans are just another species of animals/mammals. While he didn’t argue with the point of walking on two legs, I thought this morning’s Tooth and Claw episode ended with thoughts that I fully agree with.

Going to move soon.


I am moving to a new apartment in October. I am very very excited about it because it has been my plan to do so since I got a car about a year and a half ago, but never ended up happening.

I am not a big fan of the moving process. And I am going to be moving to a place with perhaps lesser of a view outside the windows and balcony. Yet, I am excited and happy to be making this move to a neighbourhood that I quite like.

The picture above is of the morning scene during winters of the warm orange glow of a rising sun filling my living room. I loved it a lot!

Sometimes, I just slip too far down the slippery slopes of metaphors.

Sometimes, I just slip too far down the slippery slopes of metaphors.

Being a very big fan of puns, I sometimes blow myself away (get it?) with my own wit in some conversations. The best comes out of me in typed conversations – like in a chat. The visual presentation of the sentences just makes it easier for my wit to brew faster. I am also a big fan of metaphors. Recently, I just went off on a mindless tangent with some metaphor in conversation with a buddy of mine over BBM…and then when he thought I was on drugs, I said what I thought was rather funny. These things give my mind a tickle that I enjoy quite a bit.

Sometimes, I will also come up with imaginary dialogues or sentences that I think fall in to the category of “sounding like it’s full of wisdom” or simply dramatic or cinematic perhaps. I thought about saving these excerpts in written record, but often I will forget them too soon. So here’s an attempt to start saving them from now!

I’m fully aware that the puns/metaphors i ever come up with serve no other purpose but entertain myself – so it doesn’t bother me at all if others think they are terrible, because im just giggling away in my head secretly. i do love it when i get to share the joy with anyone who finds them humourous too!

So, where was I!?

To quite a few places actually!

On my birthday, I took part in the Ottawa GranFondo event – although I just did the MedioFondo which was supposed to be around 100km. The winds were brutal and the riding was pretty hard for almost 3/4th of it. I felt quite strong that morning though. Perhaps the lone suffering kind of puts your mind in a state of numbness to the pain. Near the end, I realized the event route would only come out to around 96+ km, so I decided to take a detour and finish my century. After a terrible grind against strong headwinds in the last 2 km, I finally finished the 101.4km ride in 3hr45min. This was definitely my fastest 100km and I could not have been happier. 27kph average in those conditions was something I couldn’t imagine doing last year.

At the finish line, I had the best tasting saltiest grilled sausage ever and some pasta – it felt so good. I didn’t hang around much longer, because it was my birthday after all and there was hanging out with buddies to do! So I went home, showered and just lay on the couch for a good hour.

It was time to grab some birthday dinner later in the evening with some buddies, and the night ended with some fine gelato in Little Italy. It had to be an early night because the next morning I was flying out to Seattle!

Seattle was alright. I was working till Wednesday and on Thursday morning I was flying out to Vancouver to start a mini-vacation. BC is always the highlight of my work trips to the West.

In Vancouver, I met up with some old friends and went on a canoe+hiking trip to Widgeon Falls. It was my first time really “hiking” through forest trails. I grew pretty fond of it, and I started exploring some trails right in Ottawa’s backyard (Gatineau Park). Recently did the Wolf Trail loop and it was pretty darned fun!

ImageIn the distance there you can see the mass of rain that was incoming. This was about the halfway point of my 9km hike and I got a little splash on my way back to the car.

From BC:


A neighbour’s horse at my buddy’s grandpa’s in Maple Ridge! he was loving the love.

Best sushi I ever had has to be at Shyun Sushi - prepared by Katsu the gentleman who owns and runs the place.

Best sushi I ever had has to be at Shyun Sushi – prepared by Katsu the gentleman who owns and runs the place.
Kind of got an upgrade on the car rental. =/

Kind of got an upgrade on the car rental. =/

Clear water!

Clear water!

Relaxing by the falls for a little bit!

Relaxing by the falls for a little bit!

Lotsa elevation in BC!

Lotsa elevation in BC!

Nice light in the trails.

Nice light in the trails.

Canoe across the water to the trail-head.

Canoe across the water to the trail-head.

Vancouver Skyline from a distance.

Vancouver Skyline from a distance.

Heading back!!